1:1 Matching Opportunity

Connect2Culture and Spiva Center for the Arts are beyond excited to announce that we have met the initial goal of $14 million for the Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex! It's happening! Reaching this amount by June 1, 2019, has allowed us to secure the land for our project and move forward.

But there is still time to join us! Our ultimate goal for the complex is $16 million. Help us move closer to this goal through our new crowdfunding effort! Due to an anonymous donor, every donation received during this crowdfunding effort has a 1:1 match (i.e. $10 = $20, $50 = $100, etc.)!

Visit the link below, watch our special videos, and join us as we build Joplin's future home for the arts!




Thank you to Katrina Richards, Dustin Storm (Storm Cloud Marketing), and Anthony Montleone for their vision and creation of these inspirational videos.